Why your Business Needs a Private Mailbox?


If you’re among those who are planning to start-up your small business with the aim to create income for yourself and your family, the ‘tip of the week’ for you will be taking a mailbox rental for your business. Why??? Here are the reasons, have a look.


Starting a business is not easy! You need to consider many things. As such, people start their business in their own home. Cost being the prime reason. They either lack the capital to rent or lease out space instantly or unable to qualify for a business loan.

Often, the idea of small business includes opting for a business that offers services like plumbing, locksmiths, handyman, electricians, videographers, maids, etc. Therefore, they don’t initially need an office setup as their business revolves around being “on location” or serving customers on their place. A business space is needed on the urge of expanding it.

Right off the bat, the prime thing to consider at this stage is how you will be contacted by your customers and other business officials. Also, what information do you want to be available about your business on the internet? So, the tip of this week is renting a personal/business mailbox.


A mailbox is today’s major requirement for better management of mail and other business packages, whether you own a small scale business or a large scale.

Here are 5 advantages to renting a mailbox:

  1. Google Rankings– For you to get listed in the Google Local search Results, a physical address is required. Unfortunately, they don’t accept/allow P.O Box numbers. With a private mailbox, you need not to face such problems. When you lease a personal mailbox with a company, you get a street address, plus a “#” sign for your box number. This aids you in getting listed in Google local and consequently reaping the benefits of potential search engine rankings.
  2. Low Cost– Personal mailboxes are often leased out for a lesser price, about $10 per month for a small-sized box. Various companies like SandboxUSA offers various packages that are very budget-friendly, as per your requirement.
  3. Image– With a personal mailbox, you get an opportunity to build an image of even your small-scale business. Potential customers will have the impression that you have an office, which will help you streamline your impression to the world that you are a professional, and will be providing excellent services for a very long time.
  4. Reliabilityand Mobility- A mailbox frees you from the headache of missed deliveries. Small business set up whether at home or a rented space can be required to move to a different place. But, if you’ll have a mailbox, your address can still remain the same on the Web site, printed materials, etc.
  5. Privacy– Mailbox address are so very popular now-a-days because they serve as a “virtual firewall” from unwanted visits. They also act as a way to send payment via snail mail.In addition to this, your website that should be launched with some domain name, say, will need to have an address listed on the domain registration. Above all, major security concerns like mail pilfering and identity theft could be easily prevented with your mailbox address.

One Bonus Tip – A private mailbox service gets you much more than a physical location for your business address. Getting prominent services like access to your mail 24/7, mail forwarding, various size suits for different business, and receiving packages from all the major carriers, etc. are some of the essential benefits of owning a private mailbox.

So, when are you renting one???

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